See Better Shoot Better
Target-Cam is a field-ready, portable wireless digital spotting
scope for target shooting and rifle and hand gun sighting. The
Target-Cam system sets up quick and easy and gives you the
most productive and fun target shooting sessions you have
ever experienced. The Target-Cam systems use a wireless
video camera and a hand-held 3.5” color display that allows
target shooters to view every target hit instantly from up to 300
yards away with the model TC-100 and  up to 1000 yards range
with the LR-1000  .

"The Target-Cam also has infrared illumination for tactical
night vision scope practice and sighting"

The new Target-Cam viewing system allows the target shooter to
see and mark every hit without walking to the target or trying to
resolve hits with optics. Target shooters can view and mark hits on
the 3.5” color hand-held display for easy and accurate sighting and

The Target-Cam uses a compact video camera with a built-in digital
wireless transmitter and a vibrant color display with a built-in digital
receiver. Both the camera and display use lithium, rechargeable
batteries. The picture quality will easily allow a shooter to resolve as
small as a .17 caliber hit on standard white paper targets. You can
see target hits with no mirage even on the hottest days. Target
shooters can complete a target shooting session without ever
leaving the shooting position, which results in better shooting
consistency, as well as, improved gun safety.

For any sportsman who uses targets for practice, gun sighting or
scope adjustment, the Target-Cam will make target shooting safer,
easier and much more fun. The Target-Cam also has night vision,
infrared illumination for use with tactical, night vision scopes. Once
you use the Target-Cam, a target shooter will never go back to the
old ways, walking back and forth, trying to guess which hit was your
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Target-Cam is the
future of target
shooting for:

Law enforcement     
Indoor ranges
Outdoor ranges
Deer hunters
Bench shooting
Big game hunters
Hand gun owners  
Black powder
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Take your target shooting to a whole new level
1000 yard range
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